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MaxeroIndia is a pioneer in manufacturing world-class tyres for businesses across the globe. From heavy-load carrying vehicles tyres, light commercial vehicle tyres, to off the road vehicle tyres, we have got you covered.

A well-groomed team of professionals at MaxeroIndia worlds round the clock to meet the requirements of businesses who strive for better vehicle performance. No matter what the weather conditions are, our tyres are build to deliver their best performance against any wear and tear.

Our Happy Client
Less downtime and more comfort are what makes the tyres the best choice for any company whose business relies on the performance of the tyres. We are extremely happy with the service and would definitely recommend it to others as well.
I would like to appreciate MaxeroIndia for the services they offer to their clients. I have been with the company for a few years and have found their products up to the mark. Talking about the tyres specifically, they are reliable, stronger, and tougher.
Adalber, Travel Company
We always wanted our customers to reach their destination on time and we knew that this actually depends on the performance of our bus tyres. We are happy that we contacted MaxeroIndia as the commercial vehicle tyres service provider.


We have core value transparency in business that builds trust amongst our business partners across globe.


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We ensure high quality value for money product with competitive prices.



We are also proactive in providing real time solution on customer queries.

When it comes to catering the agriculture industry, we have one of the powerful and the strongest tractors Tyres to offer. The Agriculture Tractor Tyres served by MaxeroIndia have the potential to take high loads without any wear and tear. Talking about the extraordinary traits of agriculture tractor tyres, we would say they are high in power, innovative in design and flexible in operation. All this helps you boost your productivity while keeping the downtime low.

The Agriculture Tractor Tyres manufactured by MaxeroIndia are the reflection of our vision and mission that say we will help you enrich your farming experience. This dedication to serve the best has resulted in a wide array of heavy-duty agricultural tyres for all the applications with a hundred of happy clients around the world.

Committed to delivering excellence coupled with innovation, MaxeroIndia’s commercial vehicle tyres for vans, trucks, and buses are tougher, safer, and last longer. No matter what your business is intended to sell, if commercial transportation is a part of it, our impeccable commercial vehicle tyres are what you need to look upon.

Our tyres are best suited to those businesses who rely on the performance of their vehicle. The tougher and stronger the tyres are, the better and last longer the vehicle’s performance will be. Commercial vehicle tyres delivered by MaxeroIndia are fit to perform well on dry as well as wet weather conditions while maintaining a low noise driving experience. We keep on re-inventing the tyre and the accompanying services to deliver comprehensive solutions for professional tyre management.

Running your business by transporting goods in strong and reliable commercial vehicles may not a big deal for some but if the vehicle is expected to perform off the road, it will surely be. Off the road, tyres are tougher for surface mining operations, equipped with high traction for construction operations, and long wearing for underground mining. Selecting the best off the road tyre for your vehicle is not an easy task as a single negligence may cost you a lot. They are expensive and expected to last longer without much wear and tear.

At MaxeroIndia, we focus to produce the most suitable yet reliable tyres for your off the road operations. The tyres are engineered to meet high-quality standards and perform well under most difficult weather conditions as well.